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There’s an old sitcom called How I Met Your Mother. It was quite popular in the mid-2000s. There’s an episode in the second season, in which one of the main characters, Marshall, is about to hit the 200,000-mile mark on the odometer of his beloved wreck of a car. An ancient Pontiac Fiero.

“Marshmallow,” as his girlfriend Lily lovingly calls him, inherited the jalopy from his not-so-nice brothers. He had to do some dreadful things for it. Think coffee-runs in the nude with no cup holders. So, of course, he adores the thing.

The old car seriously needs a trade-up though. It’s in such poor condition that— and this is a hallmark of the episode —it’s got a tape stuck in the cassette player, after who-knows-how-many years, playing the song I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers on an endless loop.

This situation is incredibly relatable. Who doesn’t know that someone who’s still fiercely holding on to their first “ride”? The one that was there through all those important firsts.

Poor Marshall never does get to hit that 200,000-mile goal. But he does learn by the end of the episode that sometimes you just gotta let it go!

Today might be the day for you dear friend, and if you happen to be in La Mesa, California, well you’re in luck because you can get cash for your junk cars in La Mesa today!

Lose the car, keep the memories.

So How Do We Make This Happen?

We’re glad you asked! Cash for Cars in La Mesa is your local go-to junk car buyer. We take your beloved classic cars, oldies, goodies, not so goodies, and down-right junkers, and convert them into cold hard cash.

Junk car removal has never been so easy.

If like Marshall, you’re ready to move on, here are the three easy steps you can take towards accomplishing that difficult milestone today:

  • 1. Pick up your phone and give us a call. One of our friendly staff members will be available to take your information. Give them a detailed description of your beloved clunker so they can formulate a special offer for you.
  • 2. Once our offer is made, you can decide if it sounds right to you. If we have ourselves a deal, a junk car buyer in La Mesa will be dispatched to you. No need to drive around to different lots, we take care of the towing and transportation. You just relax and wait for us to come.
  • 3. After the junk car buyer physically appraises your car, you receive cash on hand for the transaction. Our associate will help you take care of the paperwork, and you can move on with your life knowing you made the right move.

Why Is Cash For Cars In La Mesa Right For You?

We take cars no matter what the condition. Running or not. We even take cars that are completely irreparable, and cars that would not pass the smog test.

When you call us you can be sure that

  • ● You’ll be assisted by a friendly and professional staff member every step of the way.
  • ● We come to you and handle the removal of your vehicle. So you can save all that time and energy you would have spent driving to lots, negotiating trades with dealers, or trying to find buyers online.
  • ● Our process is streamlined and simplified to be as efficient as possible. You’ll have no headaches because we’ll handle all the heavy lifting (literally) and will assist you with that pesky paperwork.

Best of all you can be certain that calling requires ZERO obligation. We will never make you feel pressured into selling. If you like what you hear and want to sell us your vehicle, we’re on the case, if you’re not quite ready, that’s OK too.

How Is Your Vehicle Appraised?

You can get cash for junk cars in La Mesa easily. We only ask you a few questions first to come up with your unique quote.

Here are some things we’ll need to know about your auto:

  • ● What is the car’s make, model, year, and mileage?
  • ● Does it run? Remember, we will take it regardless, but this will factor into our calculations.
  • ● Is it older? We’ll gladly take your old baby anyway, just keep in mind older cars generally go for less than newer ones. That is unless you happen to have an old classic. You may actually get a nice deal on one of those!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Cherish those precious memories with old reliable. But then do like Elsa, and just let it go!

When you’re ready to move forward, give us a call! We’ll be waiting.

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