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Cash-In Your Old Junk Car!

Instantly Turn Junk Into Cash With Cash for Cars in Chula Vista, California!

Ever heard that Selena song La Carcacha? It was written about your car! Go listen to it, it’s a great song! Your neighbors are probably playing it right now.

It roughly translates to The Wreck.

The classic song is about a girl and her boyfriend, who drives around a beat-up old carcacha with llantas de triciclo y el motor al revés... tricycle tires and a backwards engine.

Ok so that’s probably a gross exaggeration.

But the poor girl in the song. Her amigas are making fun of her relentlessly. The sweetheart says she doesn’t care because even if he has a carcacha what matters is that she’s with him. He’s not the most guapo either apparently, but he is her novio fiel.

Truly romantic.

In reality though, your sweetie is probably truly ashamed to be seen with your carcacha, stop embarrasing them already!

Ok, all jokes aside, it’s time to get rid of that embarrassing old jalopy! Your poor gal or guy can only pretend they don’t care for so long! Don’t be like the protagonist of our little song driving slowly down the block so his old smoking wreck won’t give up as he picks up his girlfriend for their date. Her girlfriends walking along and keeping up with ease as they giggle maliciously. Stop being the butt of their jokes! Cash-in that old clunker, and use that money for a new one already!

Your partner will thank you!

Their friends will probably never let you live that down. But that’s another story.

So How Do You Sell Your Damaged Car Today?

By Calling Cash for Cars in Chula Vista, Of Course!

Did we mention you should do it today??

When you decide it’s finally time to drive a car that brings you pride and dignity, here’s the rundown of easy steps that will get you to that goal:

  • 1. Call Cash for Cars in Chula Vista and tell us you are interested in junk car removal. We’ll probably already know that’s why you’re calling. One of our friendly and professional staff members will already be there ready to ask you the right questions about your car to get the ball rolling. We’ll ask you to describe the vehicle in as much detail as possible.
  • 2. After asking you a bit about your auto, we’ll formulate your personalized special offer. This is when you decide if our ZERO obligation quote is right for you.
  • 3. If we have ourselves a deal, our associate will dispatch a certified junk car buyer in Chula Vista directly to you. You tell us the time and the place, and once the logistics are taken care of our buyer will come to personally inspect the vehicle and pay you cash on hand.

One of the biggest perks is the help we provide you in every step of the process, including assisting you in handling that pesky paperwork.

Why Cash For Cars in Chula Vista?

When you contact us you can be sure that…

  • ● There will be a friendly staff member committed to helping you every step of the way.
  • ● We’ll make the whole process as smooth as possible. From start to finish. Coming to you, so you don’t have to drive around from lot to lot or have to spend precious time online trying to sell your vehicle on your own. Offering our free towing service to remove the vehicle off your premises with no inconvenience to you. And handling the paperwork with you, taking away any of the guesswork.
  • ● We’ll take any vehicle, of any kind, in any condition. Running or not. Newer or older. Classic cars? Yup! We take those too. You might even get a sweet deal on one of those if you happen to have one. We’ll even take cars that wouldn’t pass the smog test..

Getting cash for junk cars in Chula Vista has never been easier!

How Will Your Vehicle Be Valued?

When you call us, we’ll need to ask you a few questions in order to appraise your vehicles.

Some things we’ll ask about include:

  • ● What is your vehicle’s mileage, make, model, and year? These factors all affect its retail value.
  • ● How old your vehicle is. No matter how ancient, we will still take it. But keep in mind that a newer vehicle will certainly get you more than an older one.
  • ● What’s its current condition. Obviously, we want your junk, buying broken down cars is our business, but knowing if the vehicle is running or not will also influence the offer we are able to make.

Sell Your Damaged Car In Chula Vista Today

Ready to get rid of your beloved old carcacha? Sure you are. Give us a call, we’re waiting for you.

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