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Many people are amazed that they access to quick money sitting in their driveways, storage areas and family members yards. They have given up on the idea of getting any money out of junked and broken vehicles. They usually sit where they were parked until someone makes us get rid of them one way or another. Usually it costs us money to have them towed away and sent to a salvage yard. The fact is, your trash is our treasure. We specialize in these kind of junk vehicles and no matter what the condition, we will take the vehicle, we will even come tow it for you, if needed. Why suffer through finding a towing company, finding a place that will take the vehicle and then wasting your time getting it there. Our company does all this for you, with just one call.

How to Get Cash for Junk Cars San Diego

We specialize in purchasing junk vehicles in southern California. When life throws you that money demanding curve ball, we give you a chance by paying well for your junked up eye sore. Now that eye sore will look like an ATM machine just when you need it most. Even if your life is relatively calm at the moment, wouldn't it be nice to have a nest egg to build on? Some extra money in your bank when life does take that unfortunate turn, or for when you need a week in Las Vegas without the kids.

The Process Couldn't be Simpler

We buy any type junk car you may own. If the car won't run, don't worry, we offer free towing. All you have to do is give us a call, tell us about your secret treasure and we can come get it for free, then we leave you with the peace of mind that this time you got the better of the twisted, harsh hand of fate. We literally take all kinds of junked vehicles. We want all your torn up, beat down, wrecked vehicles you have to offer. If they run or not, if they feature rust and primer as the two tone scheme or if you gave it a DuPont rebuild with acrylic spray paint, we want it and we are willing to give the best price for your junk. We all win, when you give us a call and tell us about your junked up vehicle.

Don't Wait for Fate

Just because you don't have a life threatening emergency staring you down, doesn't mean this isn't the best time to let us take the junker in your driveway off your hands. Win the adoration of your wife and neighbors by taking the initiative and calling us today. We can have that car gone in a snap and your wife will be grateful for you doing something on your own. You will be happy with the extra money in your pocket. Everyone wins, so call us today.

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